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Indian Village “Fixer Upper” Lists for $650K

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This week in strange Detroit real estate listings, we present this 6,179-square-foot, nine bedroom, five bath home in Indian Village. It’s pretty much been sitting there for ten years, was bought last summer as part of a bigger sale, and is now on the market for $650,000.

The listing calls it an "elegant fixer upper." That’s being kind. On Redfin, an agent recently visited and posted, "House has much potential but has mold damage and EXTENSIVE water damage through out. Someone has started the project and stopped leaving hundreds of man hours of work. Part of subfloor is missing and you must walk across joist to avoid falling thru. Garage roof has several holes."

And there are no pictures to show us what the house is like inside.

Is it grand? It likely was quite grand in its day. But the amount of money to get it back to that state would put you in over a million dollars for this house.

This is the kind of listing and ownership that makes neighbors irate. The previous owner didn’t do anything with it for so long, so the new buyer comes along, does nothing to it, and lists it for way more than it’s worth.

Unless it actually sells for that much. Then we might see some houses in that neighborhood listed for serious $$.