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Stunning 100-Year-Old Boston Edison Home Lists for $289K

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This is a special house

From that first picture, you know this house is a show-stopper. And then we dig back into the very recent history, and are reminded that this went through foreclosure a couple years ago, and we remember these homes have stories and we're lucky to have the ones that are still left. The original details have been graciously maintained on this gorgeous Boston Edison home. It's now back on the market for $289,000.

This six-bedroom house, built in 1916, has 4,400 square feet and original bathrooms and kitchen. Yes, original kitchen, meaning that big sink is so great, but the functionality of the space could be an issue for some.

Rejoice! None of the woodwork has been painted downstairs. And look at this buffet in the dining room.

This house also has two sunrooms and a sweet backyard. The basement and third floor are ready for the new owners to finish. It's located just a couple blocks off of Woodward in the historic Boston-Edison neighborhood. It's listed through Jan Dijkers at The Loft Warehouse.