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Public Transit in Metro Detroit: An Open Thread

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Buses? Rail? Bike lanes What do you want?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Earlier this week, we heard the Regional Transit Authority's master plan for metro Detroit, which should go to the voters in November. We also showed you this cool interactive map that looks at where commuters commute. Detroit is a car culture and its public transportation system is way behind other metro areas.

All that bus rapid transit and airport service the RTA proposes looks great in theory, but thinking about Detroit's history and the time frame of the plan, can it actually happen? And will the M-1 rail be a success? A start? Another People Mover?

Today, we want to talk about the biggest challenge in implementing safe, reliable public transportation in Detroit. Is it changing the mindset of a region that depends on its cars for everything? Is it trusting a government who's never given us a reason to trust them with our money? Are buses the answer or should we go all out and do light rail all over the metro area? Or should we create dedicated lanes for cars, buses, and bikes in these huge boulevards? What do you think?