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Remodeled 90-Year-Old University District Home Hits the Market for $290K

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Carpeting? Why?

Built in 1926 and remodeled over the past few years, this University District house might be a little too HGTV for some of our readers (besides the windows and the doors). But it is move-in ready in a pretty great neighborhood. It last sold in 2012 for $77,750 and now it's listing for $290,000.

The listing gives it three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but also must have a typo because this house is not 7,882 square feet (maybe the numbers are flipped?). There is a bit of carpeting throughout the house, but the kitchen, entryway, and bathrooms all have marble floors. The kitchen is filled with new, fancy appliances and dark cabinetry. The spacious basement is finished, giving the new owners extra living space or a guest room/suite. There's also a small back deck, sun room, small back yard, and a three-car garage. But those windows and doors....they should do something about those.