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St. Vincent Turns Abandoned Classrooms Into Office Space

The second floor is open for new businesses

St. Vincent
St. Vincent
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Remember St. Vincent, the abandoned middle school in the shadow of Michigan Central Station? We've followed its progress for a couple years now, from signs of life, to clean up, to opening its first floor. Now, we're happy to show you its renovated second floor.

The school, closed in 2002, was purchased by Detroit-based development company Quality Pheasant a few years ago, who started the lengthy cleanup and renovation with the intention of turning into an upscale office space for small businesses and freelancers. It's a great fit, considering the size of the rooms and variety of spaces.

The first floor has been open for a over a year, and includes this sweet "teachers lounge," or a common space for the tenants.

The second floor is now being leased by a few small businesses and has room for many more.

Here are a few pics of the second floor before the renovations.

And here's some of the new office space, including a large workspace for an animation group, a real estate team settling in, an artist's studio, and a quaint lounge for a small business.

The third floor still needs a lot of work and could be far down the line. If you remember from our earlier posts, the third floor contains many little nun's quarters that could be turned into co-working offices for individuals. It could also house a small cafe. It also has this creepy/cool/in tact chapel for sweet photo ops.