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City Launches Detroit Demolition Tracker

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The interactive map shows which houses have been and will be demolished

The City of Detroit just launched a demolition tracker, which should help residents see the houses that are up for demolition next. The blue dots on the map show houses that have been demoed and when. The orange dots represent houses that are scheduled for demolition in the next few months. The map is updated daily. You can click on the map and search for an address to see the neighboring demoed homes.

According to the City of Detroit,

  • More than 9,500 homes have been demolished since January 2014.
  • The average cost for a residential demolition is $12,246.
  • If the current pace is kept up, the city can remove 40,000 blighted structures in the next eight years.

Much of the demolition work is funded through federal grants through the Hardest Hit Fund.