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Little Caesars Unveils World Headquarters Designs

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Slices on Woodward

Little Caesars and Olympia Development today released renderings of its new Global Resource Center World Headquarters. In the spirit of its moneymaker, the facade pays homage to pizza in the form of 14-foot formed glass slices.

Each "slice" is 14 feet tall

The building, to be located on the corner of Woodward Avenue and Columbia Street, (across from the Fox Theatre and Comerica Park) will be a 234,000-square-foot, nine-story structure. Olympia Development and Ilitch Holdings will remain in their offices at the Fox Theatre, while Little Caesars employees will move into the new headquarters. The Little Caesars Global Resource Center is Detroit’s first newly constructed corporate headquarters building in more than a decade and only the seventh since 1950.

The first floor will have about 25,000 square feet of retail space. The company envisions Columbia Street as a lively, festive place where people can gather before games or concerts, as seen in these before and after pics.

And here are the views from Comerica Park.

The headquarters will house about 700 employees of Little Caesars. The employees will have collaborative work spaces, work cafes, a two-story lobby connected to a Welcome Center, a glass-covered open air terrace, a fitness center, and a 425-seat training room.

Work Work Work Work Work

Updated renderings show how the building’s design provides more natural light, more collaboration spaces, and views of the city. Research and development space will triple current facilities and include a state-of-the-art test kitchen and space for sensory panels and quality assurance operations.

Little Caesars President and CEO David Scrivano and VP of Olympia Development Steve Marquardt said in the press conference that they don’t have the final numbers on the cost yet, but this building is 100% privately funded. Scrivano also said that they’ll preserve all the structures around it (it’s a parking lot right now).

Olympia Development of Michigan has selected Detroit-based Brinker-Christman as Construction Manager. Detroit-based SmithGroupJJR is the Architect of Record.

Construction permitting is underway, with groundbreaking expected at the end of the summer. They estimate being ready to move in during 2018.