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Newer Art Center Condo Lists for $325K

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Close to lots of museums

We’re starting to see more condos and townhouses for sale in the Art Center neighborhood these days. And while there is some beautiful old architecture in this lively neighborhood, lately the newer units are going up for sale. This one is an oddly-shaped corner condo, built in 2007, that’s aiming high and asking for $325,000.

The outside is certainly different, as it rounds itself around the corner, adjacent to a brick townhouse. The inside is very ten years ago, but has an open second-floor living space (although not much room for a table). The condo has one bedroom with a very big closet. The location is great, though. It’s close to the DIA, the library, Wayne State, and will be close to the M-1 rail. HOA fees are $250 per month. That price, though, could be a lot to ask for 1,500 square feet.