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Detroit Fixer-Upper Roundup

Yeah, these need some work

Everyone loves a great comeback story, and Detroit is full of houses looking for their own. Here are a few listings around town that need someone to bring them back to their glory.

The first one is a nearly 3,000-square foot, 116-year-old home in the North End. It has six bedrooms (with the possibility of more) and two bathrooms. No interior pictures, of course. It listed for $90,000 a few months ago, and is now back on the market for $120,000. Hmmm...

This five bedroom, 2,080-square-foot Boston Edison home has good bones, as they say, and pretty blurry pictures. The good: hardwood floors, beautiful neighborhood, nice fireplace. The bad: water damage and mold. Yours for $100,000.

According to the listing for this Petosky-Otsego house, this is a Rehab Addict’s dream. It also says most of the systems have been done so far, including plumbing, electrical, and windows. This 1,440-square-foot home is listed for $24,000.

And over in Islandview, you can get eight townhouses ready for renovation for $150,000. These townhouses have decent hardwood floors, some built-ins, and a lot of work to be done. They’re located right off Kercheval.