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Renovation Diary: Indian Village Manor, Part 3

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Let’s look at the details, shall we?

We’ve been following along on the meticulous renovation of a 2,400-square-foot condo in Indian Village Manor, built in 1921. While the second part went over what was found when they started doing the work, this entry shows many before and after photos of the details that went into restoring the condo, before the paint. Along with the pictures, we’re giving a shout out to the team that did the work. All of the pictures have been provided by Linda G, who’s led the project. Questions? Make sure to ask below.


Linda G and Blair on the bronze weatherstripping. Richard, Blair, Linda G all on painting.

Linda G: "Every single piece of hardware in the place had paint on it. I spent weeks with the crock pot and wire brushes and picks!

I kept every group of hardware separated, and put it in the crock pot in batches. The hot water loosens the layers of paint, and they can be removed. I use wire brushes, picks, screwdrivers, putty knives, needlenose pliers, and wire. It's not a quick process, and to remove multiple layers of paint takes repeated soaking in the crock pot and lots of elbow grease.

After all the paint was painstakingly removed, then all of the pieces needed cleaning and polishing."


The bath and shower were done by Dana and Brian from All Glaze. Richard did the grey tile in the shower.

Linda G did the work on these walls. "The tile walls of the bathrooms had been painted numerous times. The condition of the 1921 subway tile wasn't good if we stripped all the paint. After sanding and priming, I filled all the scratches/cracks/divots/holes so that it just looks like painted tile now."

This was a team effort, with plumbing by Jimmy and Marcus from Quint Plumbing, with an assist from Linda G. Richard did the tile floor and plaster.

The terrazzo floor in the Maid's room is Linda G’s work. It was in pretty rough shape, at one point she wondered if it was possible to get it to her standard.


Jose Pequeno is the hardwood flooring artist who restored and replaced the red oak floors.


Amazing glass tile from Tile Shop, installed by Richard. The granite is a leathered finish, truly amazing to the touch. Hard Rock Stone Works did a phenomenal job with the measure and install. Electrical by Mel, rough plaster by Curtis, finish work by Linda G and Richard.

Black subway tile and gray glass subway from Tile Shop, installed by Richard. Blair, Richard, and Linda G did a lot of custom work in the kitchen. She knew what she wanted it to look like, and they simply figured out everything as they went along. She did a lot of searching for the right materials. Youngstown cabinet refinishing by Richard and Linda G, custom cabinet building by Blair and Richard. Vision and design by Linda G.


As we mentioned last time, the tile was damaged to the point that it couldn't be repaired. Tile work by Richard. French Door windows restoration by Richard, Blair, and Linda G.

Storage Unit

All work by Richard and Linda G.


It was a team effort for the walls. Curtis did the rough plaster. Richard & Linda G did the fine finish plaster. Curtis, Blair, Linda G, Richard, Mel (electrician) all on the kitchen walls.

And to see it all together before paint, Linda G has provided us with a video walk-through of the condo.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll bring you a photo gallery of the finished, restored condo, plus the listing.