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How Much Did Detroit's Most Popular Homes Snag at Sale?

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Hello again, old friends

Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite (or at least talked-about) houses from over the past few months. Did they manage to snag their listing price? Go over? Under?

First, we’re revisiting this West Village fixer-upper that everyone loved. It had great bones and woodwork, but definitely needed some attention. It listed for $129,000 in February and sold for $145,000 in April.

This Sherwood Forest home with a red carpet staircase also received some love from our readers. This 2,700-square-foot home listed for $295,000 in January and sold for $282,000 in May.

This University District home sparked A LOT of debate over Home Depot renovations in these old houses. This 5,830-square-foot castle-like house, which last sold a year ago for $144,000, listed for $340,000 in March and recently sold for $325,000.

The Mies van der Rohe townhouses have been busy this year, with seven going up for sale. This courtyard unit was the most expensive of them all, listing for $599,000. The sale was just finalized for $560,000.

And finally, this Southwest Detroit home was universally loved for its intricate original woodwork. Yes, the rest of the house needed a lot of work, but readers appreciated the details. It listed for $100,000 in March and sold in May for $111,000.

We’ll also be updating you on a few of the bigger sales we’ve heard about recently in the coming weeks. Is there a house you’d like us to keep our eye on? Something we missed? Send us a note on the tip line!