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1903 West Village Remodel Asks $235K

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So much room to garden

We haven’t seen many single-family homes list in West Village recently, so it’s a treat to see one for sale, especially in good condition. This 113-year-old home, located on the corner of Seyburn and Lafayette, last sold in 2011 for $142,000. After a remodel and now in a different real estate landscape, the house is listing for $235,000.

This 2,558-square-foot home has four bedrooms and only one bathroom. The hardwood floors have been refinished throughout the house. The kitchen has quartz counter tops, nice cabinetry, and a butler’s pantry. This house is loaded with little storage areas and benches. The roof and plumbing has been updated, and electrical where necessary. Outside, the house has a huge front porch and in the fenced backyard, there’s a garage that’s been converted into a shed and multiple garden plots. It’s walking distance from many shops and restaurants, and biking distance from Belle Isle.