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Fix Up This 100-Year-Old Boston Edison Home, Yours for $90K

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Plus taxes

We’ve seen some pretty spectacular listings in Boston Edison lately, from a perfect family house to the show-stopping Motown Mansion. This home on Chicago Boulevard is not a show-stopper right now, but it has some potential. The 3,500-square-foot home is listing for $89,900 (not including the taxes that are due, of course).

This house has five bedrooms, two and a half baths, and what looks like a pretty open third floor. The pictures are bizarre, as they often are in these listings, with shots of an unremarkable door (assuming they wanted to capture the tiling by it?) and a toilet randomly sitting in the middle of the room. To say it needs work is being kind. But the listing says it’s been "meticulously partially deconstructed" so the next owner can renovate as they see fit. OK. Anyone want to take a guess in how much a reasonable renovation would cost here?