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Fix Up This 1895 Woodward Village Brick Home, Listed for $35K

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Next door to another rehabbed house

A few days ago, we featured this 116-year-old home on Burlingame that needed so much work but let us all imagine what it would be like to renovate a beautiful historic home. A block away on Lawrence Street, there's another home that needs that special someone to take it on. It's five years older and priced $25,000 cheaper. This 3,071-square-foot brick home is listed for $35,000.

This five-bedroom house has plenty of character that's begging to be restored. It has gorgeous archways over the front porch, big windows, nice woodwork throughout, and a couple fireplaces. That attic could be a big, beautiful loft space. As an added bonus, it's right next door to a house that was featured on American Rehab: Detroit, so you can get advice or commiserate with the renovators next door.