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Stately Indian Village Home Lists for $478.5K

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That backyard!

This 4,141-square-foot Indian Village house is one of those grand old homes we love to see in this neighborhood. It was designed by MacFarlane, Maul & Lentz in 1919. The pictures make a lot of it look pretty well-maintained, but the listing says they'll provide a list of improvements (hmmm, anyone want to guess what they are?). It's on the market for $478,500.

We'll talk about the inside, but really, this could be a big selling point.

In a quiet neighborhood like this, that pool and garden is like a little oasis in the middle of the city.

The rooms themselves are spacious and bright. The pantry and kitchen have so much storage (albeit minimal counter space) and the kitchen itself has a vintage wood stove and room for a small dining table. The house also has a formal dining room, four and a half bathrooms, sun rooms, a den, hardwood floors throughout, and a lot of built-in shelves framing a lovely fireplace. It's been owned and maintained by the same owner for the past 15 years. Have a look.