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Paradise Valley Redevelopment Announced; Hotel, Residential, Retail Planned

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This will be fun

The city announced five teams yesterday that will develop the Paradise Valley district surrounding Harmonie Park. The total investment is $52.4 million and includes the creation of the Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment Conservancy, which will work together on a unified plan to honor the Paradise Valley tradition.

According to Crain’s, the teams include Hiram Jackson and his Paradise Valley Real Estate Holdings II LLC, Dennis Archer Jr., architect Rainy Hamilton, gallery owner George N'Namdi, Patricia Cole and Roger Basmajian of 311 E. Grand River LLC, and Ismail Houmani.

Plans include:

  • Developing the Harmonie Club Hotel at 311 E. Grand River, where the Carr Center currently stands. This will be a boutique hotel that should be done in 2018.
  • Building Hastings Place at 1468, 1480, & 1496 Randolph St. (where there’s currently a parking lot) that will include residential, parking, and retail. 17% will be designated for affordable housing.
  • Expanding Hamilton Anderson Associates offices and opening the Paradise Valley Jazz Club at 1435 Randolph St.
  • Developing 1407 and 1427 Randolph Street into a mixed-use development with restaurants (the "gateway from Gratiot" as Archer said in the press conference)
  • Additional residential space over La Casa de la Habana cigar shop at 1502 Randolph St.

Paradise Valley was once a thriving African-American cultural district until it was demolished by urban renewal and freeways.

This plan has been ten years in the making, when the city bought many buildings and waited until the private sector was strong enough to redevelop the area.

Harmonie Park

, Detroit, MI 48226