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Impressive Boston Edison Remodel Asks $370K

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Hello wallpaper!

New to the market listed this weekend is a 95-year-old Boston Edison home that’s just gone through quite the remodel. It sold in 2013 for just $49,000 and is now listing with high-end finishes for $369,900.

This 2,908-square-foot home has five bedrooms, four baths, a partially finished basement, and a third floor that could be used as an in-law suite. The living and dining rooms look to have textured wallpaper to complement the original detail of the house, and dark hardwood floors. The kitchen has lots of storage, including a butler’s pantry. The bathrooms all have different and elegant updates.

It’s located at the far end of the historic Boston Edison neighborhood, between La Salle and Linwood. Some other recent homes (like this beautiful one) had offers quickly, but were listed for much less. But this is also down the street from the Motown Mansion, which is listed for $1.6 million. There’s quite the selection right now in the neighborhood.