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This North Corktown Listing Wins for Most Poetic

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Wildlife included?

This new listing piqued our curiosity with its high price ($240,000) for a small house (888 square feet). No worries, friends, there’s plenty of land in this deal. But it was the poetic language of the listing that kept us around.

This 116-year-old house is located on Vermont Street, right down the street from the hostel. The listing is a bit confused, saying there’s just under a half an acre, and then 3/4 of an acre. But then ...

"Where else will you find a home where you can sit on your back patio with friends and enjoy the stunning natural surroundings in the evening while listening to the calls of the pheasants before taking the 10 minute walk to your favorite dinner spot on Michigan Avenue?"

Dang. You had us at pheasants.

The house itself has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and could use some updating. But this isn’t really about the house, is it? It’s about the wildlife.