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Bid on this Midcentury Boston Edison Home Today

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How much will it snag at auction?

Yesterday, we featured a midcentury modern Sherwood Forest home that needs renovations for sale for $240,000. If that’s a bit above your price range, no worries. There is a gem up for bid on the Detroit Land Bank auctions today.

Located at 1919 W. Boston, yes, in the Boston Edison neighborhood, is a tri-level, 1961 midcentury home with an attached garage that could be a midcentury modern beauty inside. According to the Land Bank, the 2,000-square-foot, three bedroom, one and a half bath home has:

"Large backyard

Rear patio

Wood floors

Brick fireplace

Many windows, creating a bright interior

Cove ceilings

Large, eat-in kitchen with island

Intact bathroom with original tile and bathtub"

Bids started at $1,000 this morning and at 9:30 a.m. are at $1,500. Bidding ends at 5. Financing is available. It’s located on Boston near Rosa Parks. Will you be the new owner? And will you let us follow this remodel? (Can't wait to see this kitchen redone!)