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116-Year-Old Woodbridge Income Property Asks $373.5K

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Curb appeal!


Simply gorgeous on the outside, this mansion with a Mansard roof, built in 1900, leaves something to be desired on the inside. (Anyone have info on the pre-rehab state of it?) It was converted to three apartments in 2011 that are admittedly kind of boring. But curb appeal! This property is listing for $373,500.

Each unit has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, tall ceilings, a washer and dryer, (some) hardwood floors, and lots of natural light. The entire house is 3,616 square feet. The listing says the units are currently being rented under market value. The house is located on Trumbull, halfway between Grand River and the Lodge, and includes gated parking. This property is close to Wayne State, Midtown, Corktown, and the Grand River Creative Corridor.