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Speak Your Truth Throughout Detroit This Summer

What do you have to say?

Do you have something on your mind? Looking for a place to honestly talk about what’s happening in your city? Tired of taking to Facebook and only ending up in arguments?

Throughout early August, the Truth Booth is making its way through Metro Detroit. Designed by The Cause Collective, the Truth Booth is a giant, inflatable speech bubble where participants can step inside and finish the sentence, "The truth is...," while being videotaped. The Collective aims to empower participants to speak freely without fear of judgment or persecution.

The Metro Detroit dates and locations are:

  • 7/31: Bloomfield Hills, MI (at Cranbook Art Museum, 39221 Woodward Ave.)
  • 8/2: Detroit, MI (at Detroit Institute of Arts, 5200 Woodward Ave.)
  • 8/3: Dearborn, MI (at Arab American National Museum, 13624 Michigan Ave.)
  • 8/4: Detroit, MI (at Banglatown Neighborhood, 13133 Klinger St.)
  • 8/5: Detroit, MI (at the "For the Love of Osborn" Neighborhood Parade, 13560 McNichols E)
  • 8/6: Detroit, MI (at Sidewalk Festival for the Performance Arts, 22001 Grand River Ave.)
  • 8/7: Detroit, MI (at the Heidelberg Project, 3600 Heidelberg St.)
  • 8/9: Detroit, MI (at Rivard Plaza on the Riverfront, 1340 Atwater St.)
  • 8/10: Flint, MI (at the Hispanic Technology & Community Center of Greater Flint, 2101 Lewis St.)
  • 8/11: Flint, MI (at the Hasselbring Park Senior Center, 1002 W. Home Ave.)
  • 8/12: Flint, MI (at MW Gallery, 815 S. Saginaw St.)
  • 8/13: Detroit, MI (at Clark Park, 1130 Clark Ave.)

The Truth Booth was created by Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks, Will Sylvester, and Hank Willis Thomas. In this project, they are particularly interested in transforming public spaces into sites for candor and intimacy.

The Cause Collective launched The Truth Booth in 2011 at the Galway Arts Center in Galway, Ireland and has since traveled to Afghanistan and Cape Town, South Africa. Within the U.S., "Truth Booth" events have taken place in Charlottesville, VA, Long Island, NY (for the 2012 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University), Washington, D.C., Cleveland, OH, Palo Alto, CA, Menlo Park, CA, Black Rock, NV, Miami Beach, FL (for Art Basel), Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY, and Boston, MA.