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Franklin Lofts Bank on Riverfront Resurgence

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2987 Franklin Lofts All photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

A few weeks ago, we noticed some listings for six lofts in the Rivertown Warehouse District. With prices in the $500,000 range, we stopped by to see the space.

We last visited 2987 Franklin a couple months ago, when Detroit Denim moved into their new retail and factory space. The rest of the building, once home to Dongan Electric, is getting prepped for some prime residential spaces, a gallery, and possibly a restaurant and cafe.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Currently, some of the ground floor space is being used by CAM (Collaborative Advantage Marketing). Ideally, Hans Hanson, the owner, would like to see a high end restaurant on the ground level. A loading dock could be converted into a European-style cafe. There’s a smaller space in the back which currently used as a gallery and event space. They’ve managed to keep unique, original details from the building, as well as using reclaimed wood throughout.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

As far as the lofts go, they’ll each have two floors and patios. One very large loft will have a huge patio with views of downtown.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

In addition to the larger loft (which will run over $1 million), there will be six other units. The bottom floors will have the bedrooms, while the top floors will house the living spaces. The lofts can be customized for the new owners.

The location is a block off of East Jefferson, near Atwater, the Riverwalk, and many office buildings. It's biking distance to Belle Isle and a short drive (or bike ride) downtown.

Lambrecht Realty, which is selling lofts and leasing the retail space, hopes to have them finished and leased out by January 1. Floor plans and details can be found at their web site. Here’s a look at where the building is at right now.