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Could Detroit Get a Target?

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Free Press is reporting that Detroit could get what it desperately needs - basic retail. More specifically, it could get a Target in Midtown. They report this afternoon that plans were revealed that,

"... would feature a newly constructed 25,000-square-foot anchor store at the corner, plus an additional 25,000-square-feet of retail space and restaurants. That extra retail and restaurant space would mostly line Woodward, but would involve a small 5,000-square-foot retail building on Mack where there is now a parking lot, according to the project's preliminary site plans.

The development also could have a new 560-space parking deck and potential space for a new hotel, offices and student housing."

This was revealed at "an International Conference of Shopping Centers event" in Novi.

First, this is pretty small for a Target store. Like really small (normal size would be 80-100,000 square feet). But there are smaller Targets in urban areas.

Second, Target isn’t confirming anything. So don’t get too excited just yet.

Third, the development would open in 2018.

Is Target what we need right now? Or would a smaller store be better? We all know we need some sort of retail in the city limits, especially if that involves basic needs or groceries. It would be right along the M-1 rail line (convenient for some, certainly not many). Could this be a step in the right direction? Where would you propose a Target or other major retailer?

Woodward & Mack Ave.

Woodward Ave & Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, USA