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This Roomy 1905 Woodbridge Home is Asking $324K

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Located right on Trumbull in the heart of Woodbridge, this 3,770-square-foot home certainly has room to spread out. It has a finished third floor suite with its own kitchenette, lots of storage, plus a big back yard and patio. Last sold in 2012 for $41,023, this updated home with original detail is listing for $324,000.

The four-bedroom house does have some pretty sweet details, like the storage benches in the foyer, nice woodwork in the staircase, and pocket doors. The kitchen has been updated and has exposed brick and newer appliances. The house has plenty of hardwood floors throughout, except in the third floor suite. It also has newer windows, a slate roof, and a two-car garage. The neighborhood is full of big, gorgeous old homes and is located near Midtown and Wayne State.