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Boston Edison Home Undergoes Big Renovation, Asks $249K

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Move into a historic neighborhood

This Boston Edison house, built in 1910, surely has plenty of stories in its past. We’ve heard recently by a neighbor and Curbed tipster that the house sat empty for quite a while and was semi-maintained for a year by a non-resident (a squatter). After extensive renovations, it’s now ready for its next owner and it’s asking $249,000.

This four bedroom, one bathroom house is move-in ready, with updated electric and a newer furnace. It has hardwood floors throughout and built-in bookshelves surrounding the fireplace in the living room. The dining room flows nicely into the living room. It also has a big front porch and fenced-in backyard. The house is 1,930 square feet and located between Third Street and the Lodge. Will it find a new, more permanent resident soon?