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Converted Corktown Firehouse Cuts Price, Invests in Better Pictures

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Seriously historic property

About a year and a half ago, we featured Engine Company #8 in Corktown, which had been converted into office space and listed for nearly $2 million. Our readers had a lot to say about the dreary pictures that accompanied the listing. After sitting on the market for a while, the listing has been cut down to $994,995 and has much, much better, brighter pictures.

To refresh our memory, this building has recently been renovated and restored with loads of subway tile, big bay doors, and fire poles. Yes, fire poles. There are kitchen facilities, a sauna (!), and gated parking. There’s potential for a great rooftop patio as well, and looks to be renovation opportunities in the attic space. It served as a firehouse from 1918 to 1982, when it was converted into law offices. It also holds a piece of Motown history, as Motown lawyer Gregory Reed had offices here. Oh, and so did Rosa Parks. Historic? Yes. Unique? For sure. Here’s a new look at it. (And if anyone knows who did these pictures, let us know!)

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