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Mies van der Rohe Townhouses: How Much They Sold For This Year

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They did all right, actually

1338 Joliet
This one went for well over its asking price
Michelle & Chris Gerard

We saw a flurry of Mies van der Rohe townhouses list this past winter and spring, and now it’s time for an update on these homes and how they did at market.

For perspective, the last few to sell at the end of last year were both 1,400-square-foot townhouses that sold for for $281,165, $280,000, and $250,000. We’re seeing a different world out there this year.

This end unit listed earlier this year for $279,000. Also coming in at 1,400 square feet, this unit needed a lot of work. It sold this spring for $286,101.

Next up is this "cool" courtyard unit, which went up for sale for a whopping $599,000. Courtyards don’t list often, and this one had pretty great updates, but the listing price was still high. It sold for $560K.

This townhouse was a knockout, so much so that it was featured in Dwell Magazine. Its asking price of $313,000 seemed quite reasonable. Buyers thought so, too. It sold for $356,000.

We loved this townhouse. It was pretty move-in ready. Not too ritzy. Not too much of a fixer upper. It listed this spring for $349,900 and just sold above asking at $355,000.

There are still a few more out there that are all pending right now. We’ll keep you up to date on their final sale price.

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