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Palmer Woods Listing Includes Video, Asks $570K

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A day in the life of a Palmer Woods family

Often times here on Curbed Detroit, our readers (and editors) will lament about the terrible picture quality of some of the houses in the listings. If you’re going to list a place for half a million, it might help to invest in a photographer, right?

This new listing in Palmer Woods not only has great pictures, but a video to show the lifestyle of living in a home like this.

First, the house. Built in 1923, it has 4,500+ square feet, five bedrooms, three full baths, two half, and is listing for $570,000.

Back to the video. We see a day in the life of a family who lives here. We can see the buildings as they drive downtown, then over the bridge to Belle Isle. A sweet youngster enjoys his time by the fountain. They drive back through downtown and then they’re instantly home in Palmer Woods, and the family enjoys some wine. Just watch for yourself.

Before you say, "Don’t run into that glass table, kid," or "Get that cat off the counter, that’s disgusting!," let’s take a look at the house in question. We can see some good details in the video, like the foyer with the winding staircase and the nice, but somewhat narrow kitchen. There’s beautiful wood panels in the den and hardwood floors run throughout. Here’s a closer look in the gallery.

Inquires should be directed to listing agent Jim Tumey, 586-419-6271 or