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2 Canfield Lofts With Views Listed at the Same Time

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Which would you choose?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

For the first time since the Canfield Lofts building was completed in 2000, two third-floor units (both with balconies) are on sale at the same time. The Canfield Lofts building offers its residence gated parking, dry cleaning services, and a rooftop patio. It’s right across the street from Shinola, Third Man Records, and Jolly Pumpkin. There’s also a little dog park down the street. It’s close to Wayne State and the upcoming M-1 Rail. Let’s compare the two lofts.

The first is a one bedroom, one bath loft with a higher loft area accessed by a spiral staircase. This 1,081-square-foot loft has a renovated kitchen, a parking space, 13-foot ceilings, giant windows bringing in natural light, a steam shower, and views of Motor City Brew Works from its patio. It’s listing for $334,000.

The second is a 1,151-square-foot, one bedroom, one bath loft. This one has two dedicated parking spots, plus it faces east so you get sun in the morning (important if the new owner chooses to keep it that dark blue color). It’s listing for $349,000.

Both are listed through O’Connor Real Estate.

Canfield Lofts

460 W Canfield St., Detroit, MI