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This University District House is Loaded with Character

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You won’t see another house like this.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Where do we even start with this 1934 house? The original details are incredible and the current interior design is not what you’d expect. The 3,500-square-foot home, last sold for $255,000 in November, is now listing for $354,000.

The brickwork on the exterior is a knockout. The archways above the door actually hold a screened in porch off the master bedroom. There’s intricate plaster work throughout the house, framing the many archways downstairs and embedded in designs above the fireplaces. The hardwood floors have been finished throughout. The basement has a legit bar area.

18503 Muirland St

The house is full of little coves, archways, built-ins, leaded glass, and sweet design details. The tiled bathroom is something, and likely not for everyone. The fireplace in the living room is painted a shocking electric blue. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a very unique kitchen, and lots of room to entertain. A huge deck leads to lush gardens in the back, with a covered gazebo. It’s being sold through O’Connor Realty.