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See This Beautiful Boston Edison Home Before the Renovation

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It's quite the transformation

A few days ago, we featured a Boston Edison house that hit the market for $349,900, a big price jump since last year. We appreciated its high end renovation, and soon heard from Phoenix Real Estate, who led the renovation. The house basically had to be rebuilt from the inside out. The previous owner had done demo in the house before they purchased it, so they worked with the original details that were left. Some plumbing and electrical that had also been started, but after inspecting it they found out that none of it had been done to code, and it all had to be redone.

This house, built in 1919, has five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and 3,200 square feet. The kitchen is superb and the renovation includes a full suite on the third floor.

Here are a few before/after pics to see the difference.

And a full gallery comparison.