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Boat-Lovers Property Seeks New Captain

Right along the canals! Ahoy!

It’s not often we see a house come up for sale along the Detroit canals, so we had to take a look at this one. Even though the house itself is only 1,440 square feet, the sale comes with land - lots and lots of land - and plenty of places to dock your boat.

The listing states that, "1.35 acres of canal front land accompany the house, including a boat launch, boat house with a 2 car garage, and 29 boat slips ready for a new owner to manage." Not much is said about the house, but we’re thinking this really isn’t about the house. And we only have exterior pics. Canoe and kayak rentals are right down the street, but if you take this property, we’re guessing you might bring your own. You might not have enough money left over to feed the geese - this property is asking for $850,000. Ahoy!