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What Can $1,200 Rent You in Detroit?

House? Loft? Apartment? Which would you choose?

Welcome to this week's installment of Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in various Detroit neighborhoods. This week we're looking at rentals within $100 of today's price: $1,200.

This rental in Woodbridge won’t be available until August, but it could be worth checking out. It’s a two-bedroom, one bath, 1,200-square-foot apartment. It’s listed for $1,250 a month.

Next, we’ll head over to North Rosedale Park, where you can get at three bedroom, one and a half bath home for $1,275 per month. This 2.300-square-foot house has a claw foot tub, newer windows, a detached garage, and a balcony.

For $1,250 a month, an apartment at the Addison in Midtown is available. This one is really close the the new arena district and has some nice wood details inside. It also has a claw foot tub and tiny kitchen. This one is only 750 square feet, but you get two bedrooms.

Near the Riverfront, you can get a one bedroom, one bath, 877-square-foot apartment at Garden Court. This Albert Kahn building is located right on Jefferson and just a few blocks away from Atwater and the bike path. It’s listed for $1,295 a month.

And for $1,200 a month, you can rent a one bedroom, one bath loft at the Lofts at Rivertown. It’s right across from Belle Isle and there’s a pool!