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17 photos of dogs out and about in Detroit

Woofing it around the D

It’s been a sunny, hot summer here in Detroit. Even if it’s a little (or a lot) humid, we know that winter is looming in the distance and we should all get outside. That includes our furry friends, and there are plenty of places in Detroit to take them.

We searched around for some of our favorite snaps of doggies enjoying the city. We found them on Belle Isle, the Grand Circus Dog Park, the Midtown Dog Park, the Dequindre Cut, downtown, and just out and about with their two-legged friends.

So take a break, sit back, and enjoy a little tour around Detroit with some of our favorite little (and big) buddies.

I mean, could this dog be happier?

Look ma! It’s Canada!

That face . . . . . #joeythedetroitterrier #terrier #terriersofinstagram #terriersarethebest #dogsofinstagram #detroitsgotthat

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This goldendoodle found some shade in the Midtown dog park.

Just hanging out, waiting for my doods. #goldendoodle #goldendoodlesofinstagram #midtowndogpark

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This big goof is out on the Dequindre Cut.

That’s a happy dog enjoying the city!

Check out this fancy dog in Midtown.

Perfect day for a romp in the park #circusdog #citypup #pomeranian #roxiethepom

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This dog isn’t a fan of the Segway tour.

Woof! That’s a great shot!

This same little guy was caught smelling the flowers out on the Riverfront.

Smelling the flowers at the riverfront

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It’s been so hot this summer! These dogs found a place to cool off.

Someone took his first swim yesterday (and hated it) #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog #detroit #belleisle

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Beach day #doglife #dogsofdetroit #belleisle

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This dog was born to pose.

So much construction! We know. We know.

Tiny . . . . . #lolathedetroitwheaten #wheatensofinstagram #wheatenterrier #dogsofdetroit #dogsofinstagram #detroitlove

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Finding new friends downtown?

The #313beagle was out exploring today in #Detroit and made a new friend with this guy #Dogsofdetroit

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These dogs pawsed at the Masonic Temple.

Current mood:

"I like this one. One dog goes one way and the other goes the other."

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And some lucky dogs even got to enjoy a night at the ball park!

It's Bark at the Park tonight! #dogsofinstagram

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