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Poll: Vote for your favorite building in Detroit

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Fisher? Penobscot? Guardian?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last month, we asked our readers what their favorite building in Detroit is. We had a lot of responses in the comments and on Facebook. It was easy to narrow it down to the top four, and then added another favorite. First some pictures, then your chance to vote for real on your favorite building.

The Penobscot

The art deco masterpiece was opened in 1928. It’s now the third tallest building in Detroit at 47 stories. If we could just get that red orb lit up again ...

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Fisher Building

Built as a gift to the city, "Detroit’s largest art object" aka the Fisher Building stands proud in New Center. The Fisher brothers gave Albert Kahn basically a blank check and told him to make something incredibly beautiful. It was supposed to be much bigger, but the Great Depression put an end to that.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Guardian Building

The "Cathedral of Finance" has one of the most unique lobbies in the world. In addition to the colorful design of the lobby, it’s also incredibly quiet considering the high ceiling. Opened in 1929 for the Union Trust Co., it’s 40 stories tall with 1.8 million orange bricks.

Book Tower

The Book Tower sure has its haters. But many more appreciate its unusual Italian-renaissance style for a skyscraper. But that maze of fire escapes down the side? Bedrock bought the tower last summer and they’re currently doing some restoration work before they announce their plans for it.

The David Whitney Building

One of the best, most jaw-dropping renovations happened in the David Whitney Building. Located on the edge of Grand Circus Park, it was opened in 1915 and used for offices for much of the 20th century. It closed in 2000 and sat empty for a decade. The Roxbury Group and others renovated it into residences and an Aloft hotel, opened in late 2014. Now it has one of the best lobbies in the city.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Penobscot Building

645 Griswold Street, , MI 48226

Book Tower

1260 W. Washington Blvd., Detroit, Michigan 48226

Guardian Building

500 Griswold Street, , MI 48226 Visit Website

David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226