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Fitzgerald Revitalization Project Aims to Improve Housing, Land Use

The plan will improve property values, safety, and overall quality of life in the neighborhood

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Mayor’s vision for 20-minute neighborhoods, with Fitzgerald as an example. A plan is already in place, and RFPs were released yesterday to improve the quality of life and property value in the neighborhood.

The area for this project covers, "the alley south of W. McNichols Road to the north; the center line of Stoepel Street to the east, the alley north of Puritan Avenue to the south, and the centerline of Greenlawn Avenue to the west."

The first is a Productive Landscape Development RFP. This one is asking for plans to work with empty lots in the area and turn them into vibrant aspects of the neighborhood. Specifically,

"Redevelop vacant parcels into productive uses that improve neighborhood image, contribute ecological, economic and social value and can sustain their ongoing maintenance;

Create local workforce opportunities and develop local capacity for Detroiters, particularly residents in Fitzgerald;

Implement and maintain the fence and setback strategy to promote a cohesive identity within the neighborhood and improve public safety by demonstrating investment in the community and elimination of blight."

Some ideas for the land included in the RFP include community gardens, meadows, orchards, or growing hops (great idea!). This area includes about 13 acres of land that are under public ownership available for re-development through a long-term lease up to 30 years.

The housing RFP is attempting to find teams of developers who can create a holistic approach to renovating vacant houses (about 100) in this neighborhood.

Proposals are due August 26. The full timeline can be found here.

Will we see RFPs soon for West Village and Southwest, the other two areas mentioned as 20-minute neighborhoods?