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Inside the “Coolest” Loft in Detroit

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Do you have a cooler loft?

FD Loft Eastern Market Jim Tumey

Recently, the Loft Warehouse ran a "Coolest Places to Live in Detroit" contest, and we have pics of the winner’s sweet space.

On June 29th, the Loft Warehouse handed the prize for Coolest Loft in Detroit to Catherine Gordon, owner of a 1,200-square-foot loft at the FD Lofts. This loft is in the rehabbed FD Lofts building, which is the old maintenance building for the Detroit Fire Department. It was built in 1917 as a repair facility for the Detroit Hook and Ladder House #5. At that time, the city's fire department was made up of horse drawn pump carriages.

Jim Tumey

Fast forward to now, the units have been fully updated and converted in loft condominiums, with 16' ceilings and mezzanine levels, exposed stained concrete floors, warehouse-style windows, and located within the Eastern Market district. These lofts were recently featured on the season premiere episode of House Hunters just a week ago (where the couple chose one of these lofts, then had to subsequently move for a job).

Have a look inside Catherine’s home, including the courtyard out back.

FD Lofts

3434 Russell , Detroit, MI Visit Website