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Sold in Detroit: A Roundup of Recent Home Sales

These ones almost got their listing price

We’ve seen a lot of closings on houses we’ve featured recently, so we’re trying to keep up with what’s happening in the Detroit market. Here are a few of the houses, condos, and lofts that have recently found new owners.

First is this remodeled University District house. Built in 1926, this house has three bedrooms, a cool fireplace, and a fancy new kitchen. It listed for $290,000 at the beginning of June and was snatched up quick! It just sold for $275,000.

This Art Center townhouse, one of many we’ve seen lately, is a newer build that has lots of updates. It has a good location going for it, right by many museums and the M-1 rail. It listed for $259,000 and sold for $258,000.

This 1925 Palmer Woods house is a massive 6,300 square feet with an in-ground pool. It looked like a bargain at $425,000 and ended up selling for $395,000.

We really loved this Palmer Woods model home, which listed in May for $550,000. The staircase drew us in, but its unique architecture kept us flipping through the gallery. It sold for an even $500,000.