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County Hires Consultant for Unfinished Jail

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This thing is going forward?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

A few months ago, Dan Gilbert said he wanted the fail jail site for a new Major League Soccer stadium in Detroit. While MLS tries to decide whether they want Detroit to have a major league soccer team, the fail jail continues to sit, partially finished, waiting. Meanwhile, the Detroit News reports that Wayne County wants to move forward with the jail and hired a consultant to take care of it. And the group they hired, Carter Goble, has ties to Dan Gilbert.

The county insists that the jail site is moving forward and is necessary.  Carter Goble, who Wayne County hired for nearly $4 million, " will serve as the county’s representative on the project to finish the jail, helping to choose a plan to complete the project, select contractors and coordinate work," according to the Detroit News.

The estimates on the cost of the unfinished jail are about $1.3 million per month. As a reminder, the building of the jail started in 2011, stalled in 2013, and sits unfinished by Gratiot and the Chrysler Service Drive.

Fail Jail

Gratiot at St Antoine, Detroit, MI