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Rehab this Boston Edison disaster, yours for $55K

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Help out the neighborhood!

We’ve seen a lot of fixer-uppers lately, especially in Boston Edison. Only a few years ago, you could get one for just a few grand. Times have changed. This one is located just west of the Lodge and has extensive fire damage. It’s listing for $55,000.

Our source gave us some background on this house:

"The former owner paid $15k in 2008, but took a $20k settlement when it caught fire. It then went into the tax auction, where it was flipped twice. The Land Bank seized the property but gave it back to the current owner after he reimbursed them for legal fees. That owner, a company in Wyoming, now wants to sell it, but it's subject to a renovation agreement."

You might need some special glasses to see the potential in this one. It is indeed a total gut job. But there is an opportunity to make it completely your own. It’s 3,300 square feet, with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s on a lovely street. Who wants to help out the neighborhood? Is Nicole Curtis listening?