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4 Lake Michigan lighthouses are up for auction

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Looking to get away from it all?

This week in strange housing opportunities, four Lake Michigan lighthouses are up for auction. Your editor actually rode out to two of these last summer, and can attest that it takes quite the boat ride to get to them. More information on the auctions can be found here.

According to the release, "Through this innovative program, proceeds from the public sales go back into the U.S. Coast Guard’s aid to navigation fund, a fund that pays for the equipment, maintenance, and resources (fog horns, lights, battery cells, solar panels, etc.) to continue preservation and maintenance of lighthouses that are still active."

The first up is the the White Shoal Light, which is situated on Lake Michigan about 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge. You may have seen it before on a Michigan license plate. It was built in 1910 and is easily spotted in the middle of the lake. Starting bid? $15,000.

The second, just a short boat ride away, is the Grays Reef Light. This one is pretty creepy looking to be honest. It was built in 1936 and is located four miles west of Waugoshance Island. It’s starting bid is $10,000.

The next one, the North Manitou Offshore Lighthouse, is a bit closer to civilization, just off the islands. There’s even a site visit at the ends of the month, but you have to put down a $10K deposit for that. This one is pretty scary looking inside and needs a little work.

The fourth is one we’re not seeing a listing for, but it’s mentioned on the release.

"Minneapolis Shoal Light marks the entrance to Little Bay De Noc in Delta County. The 82-foot high octagonal lighthouse sits on a 32-foot square metal structure that housed the living quarters for the keeper. The light was constructed in 1934 and was the last manned lighthouse to mark an isolated reef. It remains an active aid to navigation operated by the USCG."

Any brave souls ready for the nautical life?