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This Boston Edison-area home could be a bed & breakfast

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B&B? Apartments?

Purchased through the tax auction a few years ago, this Glynn Court property has new life through a complete renovation. Led by Sam Szabla, who’s renovated many Boston Edison homes in the past few years, it’s more than just your average flip, with high-end appliances and finishes. The house has the potential for three units that could be rented out or turned into a bed & breakfast. The price? $269,900.

The first floor has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open floor plan that moves from the living room into the lovely dining room and into the kitchen. The upper unit has three bedrooms and three baths, including a third floor loft-like space. The basement unit can be turned into a one bedroom, one and a half bath unit if necessary. All systems have been updated and central air was added. The second floor has a balcony that overlooks Boston Edison.

It’s located on Glynn Court between Woodward and 2nd, with apartments on either side. The listing is calling it The Vista already. Here’s a look inside.