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Midcentury modern lakefront time capsule asks over $1.3M

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Those views!

Last month, we brought you an absolutely perfect, gorgeous midcentury modern gem in Bloomfield Hills. Our readers commented that there are many beautiful midcentury modern homes up that way. We’ve found another. This one was built in 1965 on prime Wing Lake property in Bloomfield Hills. It’s listing for $1,329,000.

Designed by architect Sanford Rossen, this house somehow manages to keep its midcentury aesthetic without looking old, all while capturing stunning lakefront views. If we owned this house, we can imagine spending quite a bit of time here.

And here...

The windows are truly spectacular, and the house uses wood and stone surfaces to complete the natural feel. The house is 3,609 square feet, with five bedrooms, four baths, a lovely floating staircase, an enormous backyard with a private beach, and a multi-level deck. It also has a finished basement with room for your own gym. Have a look inside.

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