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Beautifully restored Boston Edison home asks $340K

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Worth it!

We’ve seen much debate over price points in Boston Edison lately, and we think this one might be worth it. It’s a big one - 4,362 square feet and restored to perfection. The floors, windows, and details in this house are just gorgeous. With that square footage plus detail, it’s only coming in at $78 per square foot and listing for $339,900.

Built in 1920, all systems have recently been replaced, it has central air, and it’s 5 Star Energy Efficient. The third floor has been converted into a master suite with a bathroom and open space. The second floor has four additional bedrooms and two bathrooms. But the main floor is quite impressive, with details like this mantle on the living room fireplace.

Plus it has built-ins, an updated kitchen, a breakfast nook, a detached garage, and a nice backyard. This is a really lovely restoration. Have a look inside.