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The Knight Cities Challenge is looking for big ideas for Detroit

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Or small ideas that can make a big impact

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Do you have a great idea for the city of Detroit? Knight Cities Challenge is once again giving grant funds to support ideas that can make a big difference in the city.

This fall, they’re accepting ideas that will lead to $5 million of grant funding in their 26 cities. The challenge will be open from Monday, Oct. 10 to Thursday, Nov. 3, with winners announced in spring 2017.

What are they looking for specifically? From the announcement:

"We’re looking for new ideas that can make impact in three areas that are crucial to building more successful cities – attracting and retaining talent, increasing economic opportunity and promoting civic engagement."

Detroit winners from this past year include Pink Zones, which will help cut red tape in opening a business in the city, and the People First Project, which is looking for ways to make Michigan Avenue in Corktown more pedestrian- and business-friendly.

Do you have a great idea? Start planning it. Applications open up at on October 10.