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Art Center condo with historic charm asks $225K

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With views!

Condos can be tricky. They have to be in the right location, not be overwhelmed with HOA fees, and ideally, look pretty great too. This one checks off a lot of boxes. It’s located in an eight-unit building on Palmer, close to the College of Creative Studies and the DIA, and it also has pretty good views. The HOA fees are $260 per month and the list price is $225,000.

It’s 1,040 square feet with two bedrooms, one really nice bathroom, wood floors, and nice french doors throughout. It also has a lovely big bay window, plenty of built-in storage, and in-unit laundry. The kitchen is galley style, but it also has extra storage in a pantry. It also has some exposed brick (so you’ll have some extra dusting to do) and a gas fireplace. The unit has a private back deck, a small front balcony, a detached garage and extra surface parking. Not bad!