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Indian Village beauty sold for $530K last year, asks $660K this year

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There’s no doubt this house is a beauty. Located on the corner of Iroquois and Lafayette, this 1899 home sits on two lots, with a huge, private backyard. We also saw this house a couple months ago, when it was listed for rent. Hmmm. It sold last October for $530,000 and is now for sale again for $659,900.

It’s 3,965 square feet, with six bedrooms, three and a half baths, a big sun porch, and gorgeous windows. The kitchen has exposed brick and a big island. The third floor has a pretty spectacular master suite with a huge dressing room. The sale also includes all the furnishings. Is the market that different than it was a year ago? Is that big of a price jump warranted? Have a look.