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Avalon Village update: Anthem video released, volunteer opportunities, upcoming events

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This is exciting to watch

Avalon Village Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve been following the story of Avalon Village, a blighted neighborhood in Highland Park that’s turning itself into a sustainable eco-village, for the past couple months. This community has successfully raised funds to renovate an abandoned home into a house where kids can come and do homework and have a healthy meal; start a goddess marketplace, a shipping container where local women can sell their wares; and build activity courts where neighbors can play sports.

Here are a few updates from the village.

Avalon Village has a wish list for big ticket items that would be helpful in their neighborhood, including musical instruments, sewing machines, and appliances.

The village has many volunteer opportunities available, including landscaping, painting, and cleaning up debris. Those interested are asked to fill out a form so they can be more organized and efficient.

A video for Avalon (from Blight to Beauty), the anthem of Avalon Village by Supa Emcee featuring Alexis Allon, is out and captures the joy and positivity in the community.

Improvements are being made to the Homework House porch and water systems.


They’ve also started a two-month time lapse video.

The village has a few upcoming events, including:

We’ll keep you up-to-date as this self-sustaining village continues to rise.

24 Avalon St, Highland Park, MI

24 Avalon St, Highland Park, MI 48203, USA