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Own a North End apartment building for $499K

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6 apartments, 3 bedrooms each

An income property with six loft-like apartments right off of Woodward listed today. It has 3,000 square feet, an adjacent fenced lot, and it’s listing for $499,000.

Located a few blocks south of the historic Boston Edison and Arden Park neighborhoods, this building is in an interesting location. It’s just a little too far north for the M-1 rail (not that the M-1 rail will go very far) and a few blocks up from the New Center neighborhood. We’ve seen some older houses around there for sale lately that need renovations. We’ve also seen some decent rental listings in the neighborhood lately. It’s getting there, but it’s also not very close to shopping and retail...yet.

The apartments have exposed brick and a fairly spacious layout. They each have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The exterior is quite lovely. What do you think about this income property, Curbed readers?