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This palatial former Bed & Breakfast is back on the market

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Will someone please bring this house back to its glory?

We here at Curbed know that so many of our readers dream of old houses and how they could be restored. It’s this romantic idea that sounds so perfect and dreamy, and in reality, can be an expensive nightmare.

Back on the market is this enormous house in the Joseph Berry Subdivision, which we featured a couple years ago. It was a bed & breakfast in the 90s. It’s up against the canal, but doesn’t have access to the canal (that access belongs to the carriage house down the street). It’s right next to a castle that is being renovated. And it’s listing for $240,000.

It has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 5,500 square feet. The cost of renovation? It could be huge. We drove past this property recently and it’s not looking great from the outside. We looked at what some people have said about this house online, and someone could easily pour a half a million into it. But wouldn’t it be something if the right person did just that, or more? Could this be a bed and breakfast once again? What do you think, readers? And if you have more info on this house, please let us know in the comments.

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